Roxane Maliszewski

Roxane Maliszewski

Singer, Classical Guitarist, Tool and Die Maker Specialist

Roxane Maliszewski starter guitar when it was bigger than she was. Her guitar performances consistently brought home the highest awards in competitions. Eventually she was told she should be teaching, not competing. In High school, she was asked to help teach music theory at a local college. At the same time, her teaching skills and academic prowess lead her chemistry teacher to work with the school to adjust her schedule so she could teach chemistry while the teacher was away. Roxane opened for Richie Haven on several occasions when he performed in Louisville, Kentucky. While in Cincinnati, she performed for over a decade at a recognised French restaurant, often singing in French or one of four of other languages besides English. When Cincinnati celebrated its sister city Nancy, France in 1991, Roxanne performed on TV for the second time, internationally.

Roxane's singing gigs were usually a second job. She wanted to work with her hands and became a skilled tool and die/model maker. This gave her a place to rigorously apply her skills in mathematics on a daily basis. She was especially adept at building models or prototypes from pictures and engineering drawings, which complimented her degrees in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. One of her more interesting jobs was building models/prototypes from movie stills for some of the first toys that come out after the first "Star Wars" movie. Roxane often helped companies to understand and meet ISO9000 requirements and improve process. She has retired from tool and die, but continues to sing, and has started and online business.

How did you get started in you field/industry?

I aced the mathematical and mechanical aptitude test for the tool and die apprenticeship program at GE, which was the highest score in their history.

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